Sama Tayo J+L: Mission, Vision, Core Values

Sama Tayo J+L: Mission, Vision, Core Values

Mission: To serve our community of friends and family with high quality apparel and handmade designer pieces that pay homage to Filipino Culture. Proceeds feed the hungry through the Morobeats Feeding Program. 

Vision: To bring our roots to reality through a unique brand of Filipino apparel & build community by exploring our culture and common bonds.

Core Values: 

  • Creativity: We are placing Filipino craftsmanship & design front and center. 
  • Industriousness: Filipino ingenuity meets Silicon Valley scale. We’re Maarte naman!
  • Family Orientation: Our apparel is meant to inspire and bring friends and family together.  
  • Humor: “Witty enough to share a laugh, nice enough to wear to Lola’s house.” 
  • Hospitality: Always give more than you take. We take care of one another. We are proud to be partners with Morobeats to feed the hungry in the Philippines. By purchasing our products, you are also supporting the local weaving & craftsman community in the Philippines. 

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