Morobeats: DJ Medmessiah Bio

Morobeats: DJ Medmessiah Bio

Morobeats: DJ Medmessiah Bio

DJ Medmessiah is a Producer, DJ and Recording Artist Emcee. He has been in the music scene since the 90’s hip hop movement in Manila. He is well known for cultivating up and coming artists throughout the region. He is most recently known for his appearance in Jo Koy: In His Elements & his hit single Kayumanggi, a collaboration between Morobeats, Illmind, and Jo Koy. 

Now teaming up with Sama Tayo by Jen+Lex, he aims to expand his fashion line to the United States and worldwide to share high quality footwear, apparel, and more! 

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Proceeds from Morobeats Clothing (as well as beats & productions) funds their feeding program, which provides hot meals to those that need it the most within their community.

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